Jovivi 2Pcs Natural Green Jade Gemstone Hand Carved Dolphins Statue Figurine Healing Crystals

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The dolphin is the patron saint of love. Placing the crystal dolphins in your home, bedroom, living room promotes a positive flow of energy in your space. It would be a great gift for stone collectors.

  • Jade has more than 40 trace elements needed for the human bodies, such as calcium, zinc, manganese, selenium, chromium, potassium, magnesium (a component of chlorophyll) and so on. They release ions, which form a stream of ions that are absorbed by the skin through the body's pores. At the same time, the body can absorb the extra trace elements, so as to achieve balance.
  • The dolphin stands for love. The boy gave the dolphin to the girl to represent that he would protect her. The girl gave the boy a dolphin to show her love.
More Details:
p.s. 100% natural stones & 100% hand craved, so each of them might vary from colors and size. 
- Material: Green Jade (New Mountain Jade); A pair of dolphins – (35-40mm)*(12-15mm)*(20-25mm).
- Package includes 2pcs dolphins gemstones and 1 gift box.