Jovivi Healing Crystals Gift Kit Jewelry Storage Box with Rose Quartz Puff Heart Stone

Brand: Jovivi

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The natural crystals and the healing stone kit is gift-ready, carefully packaged with passion in a lovely glass box. 

Each kit we selected the best combination of the most essential crystals perfect for meditation, healing, yoga, reiki, spiritual practices, harmonizing your special place.

  • Perfect gift – If you want to mesmerize your loved one for encouragement, celebration or inspiration. Assure this is the perfect gift for beginners, practitioners or just to harmonize and décor. 
  • This antique jewelry box holder is not only a jewelry box, but it can also be used as healing crystals decoration in your home or office, just put your favor healing crystals in it. 
  • An ideal Christmas gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, wedding registry gift or gift for jewelry and stone collector.
More Details:
- The Healing Crystal set includes a beautiful glass box: 70mm*80mm*47mm (about 140g),
- Rose quartz puffy heart stone: 45mm*45mm*20mm (about 50g),
- Some tumbled clear quartz chips: 5mm-7mm (about 100g).
- Package includes 1x puffy rose quartz heart stone, 1x jewelry box, 1set natural clear quartz, 1x gift box