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  • Purple amethyst has a gentle calming effect, commonly used for healing. Amethyst aids in overindulgence and giving up bad habits, and helps clarify the mind. It alleviates sadness and grief and eases headaches, tension, and insomnia.
  • The pendulums are great for metaphysical, spiritual protection, chakra balancing, divine gift, pagan blessings, energy work, reiki, meditation, manifestation, concentration, art, chakra alignment,energy-charged, protection, Fengshui, pocket decor, bookend,amulet,psychic development, psychic healing enhancement, aura cleansing, inner journeying and to release tension.
  • Benefits from using our crystal pendulum: Block negative mind control transmissions Cleanse area of negative occult energies Place near cell towers or power lines to neutralize Create an optimal atmosphere Cleanse the energy of a large area Attract positive energy to a property
  • BEST CHOICE FOR PROFESSIONALS: Great tools to answer "yes" or "no". Available for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, energy-charged, tarot, fortune telling, dowsing divination, witchcraft ritual, or home decoration.
More Details:
- Material: Natural chakra gemstones.
- Pendulum Size: about 3.07-3.15 inches (78-80mm) Tall, 0.6-0.63 inches (15-16mm) at widest,
- Chain Length: 8 inches
- Package includes 1x natural gemstone necklace, 1x gift box