Jovivi 4mm Faceted Crystal Bracelet Essential Oil Diffuser Chakra Healing Bracelets

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The unique design 4mm Gold Lava Stone bracelet adjusts the size with Butterfly Shape Druzy Charm.

  • Natural 4mm gemstone stone beads adjustable bracelet with dyed gold lava stone beads and butterfly shape druzy charm, 100% handmade, handcraft face cut crystal beads.
  • Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for February. It is an excellent all-purpose stone. Beneficial when dealing with legal issues and money problems, and can lead to prosperity and abundance. Connect with angels, enhance telepathy and other psychic abilities. Excellent for meditation, dreamwork, and past life work. Good protection stone for travelers. It brings spirituality and contentment in your life-giving you strength, inspiration, and a sense of true peace.
  • Tourmaline is the royal crystal, also known as the stone of desire, after diamonds, red sapphire, emeralds of the most valuable gem.It helps your desires, it improves your relationships; Can produce magical curative effect, improve self - healing ability. It can maintain endocrine balance, activate brain cells and treat the headache. Helping blood circulation and treating arthropathy is a healthy gem. The tourmaline is an October birthstone.
  • Cloudy Quartz can effectively strengthen the whole body aura, build courage and confidence; It has the power to ward off evil spirits, so it can also be used as amulet and lucky charm. Blonde hair, with its superpower and financial power, is an indispensable crystal for those who want to take on responsibilities and expect to do great things. It can also effectively deal with the complex relationship between reason and sensibility.
  • Lava Rock Stone Beads(Golden Tone) is easily the oldest and most frequently found stone in the world; It literally comes from the core of the earth- fiery brimstone that bubbles to the surface and cools. Notice: because of the dyed of the lava rock, it may be not used to absorb essential oils.
  • Butterfly Shape Cluster Druzy Charm(Blue), make this elegant accessory is sure to catch the eye and its stunning appearance will shine through whether it’s day or night, or a casual or formal event.

More Details:
- Material: Natural Amethyst Crystal Beads(Face Cut) & alloy & Cluster Druzy
- Stone Size: 4mm
- Butterfly Charm Size: 12mm*10mm
- Bracelet length: 6.5"-9"
- Package includes: bracelet(s), 1 gift box

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