Jovivi Chakra Healing Crystals Money Tree On Natural Agate Slices Geode Base Feng Shui Figurine

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The natural handmade gemstone copper wire wrapped chip stones Tree of Life Money Tree featuring healing lucky reiki.
  • Brings wealth and luck. Good for home decor or chakra crystal healing, It is said to improve career luck as well as an excellent Feng Shui Figurine for those who are in managerial positions. Put it in your living room or office. It will help you attract wealth and prosperity, success, and all good things.
  • Money tree brings luck, prosperity, provides protection against any kind of losses, and enhances the power of an individual. Great decorative statue to put in office, front door, and living room.

- Green Aventurine is the "Stone of Opportunity", thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favor in competitions or games of chance.

Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for February. It is an excellent all-purpose stone. Beneficial when dealing with legal issues and money problems, and can lead to prosperity and abundance. Good protection stone for travelers. It brings spirituality and contentment in your life-giving you strength, inspiration, and a sense of true peace.

- Rose Quartz is the love stone! Adds positive love energy to relationships. Compassion and forgiveness. Helps to balance the upper four chakras and eases sexual/emotional imbalances. Enhances self-confidence and creativity. 

    More Details:
    - Money Tree and Stone Total height: 5.5"-6.3" (when open up leaves)
    - Size for Natural Agate Slices Geode Length is approximately 2.75"- 3.54", Thickness 0.18"-0.32"(4.5mm-8mm);
    - Total weight: approx 250 grams; Material: Natural Stone & Copper.
    - Package includes 1x chakra money tree, 1x gift box