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The crystal base set decoration has quartz sphere & clear quartz guardian angel.

  • Sphere-shaped crystal balls fit perfectly in your hands, making it great for meditation, self-reflection, or as a good luck charm. It is also thought to be a great tool for fortune telling and divination. Inspire feelings of love, romance and affection. Helps sleep. Healing Power, Perfect for Home and Office Decor. Can also be used for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, or ritual, in conjunction with a chakra wand.
  • Angels have Reiki healing benefits and properties that aid wellbeing and can be combined with healing stones jewelry,It is believed to support the stabilizing of mood swings, purification of the blood and kidneys, keep it in places where peace and serenity are needed including in your pocket
  • The chakras are the centers of energy,located on the midline of the body.Each of the 7 chakras represents a physical,emotional or mental state,helping to enrich one's spirit and well-being The chakra stones are used to balance the chakras on a daily basis and to enhance chakra healing.
  • Great gift for you and your friends for housewarming,crystal collection,birthday,meditation. 

More Details:
- 7 pcs 16 mm 7 Chakra Healing Crystal Ball stones
- 1.5" Angel Guardian State Figurines
- 8cm Black Obsidian Base
- Weight: Approx 169g / set
- Package includes: 7 pcs chakra crystal ball, 1 guardian angel figurines, 1 obsidian base and 1 gift box.

*Please kindly know that,every piece is natural and unique