Jovivi 30mm Universe Galaxy Space Lampwork Glass Ball Sculpture Figurine Sphere

Brand: Jovivi

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The lampwork glass ball featuring unique cosmos design series nebula ribbon double-planet.

  • Flawless Design: the smaller core ball is made of lampwork glass. Stars and orbits are made of precious metals like silver. Galaxy Ball has a fabulous three-dimensional interior design and takes on various aesthetic looks in different lighting conditions.
  • Each ball decor is unique! This is not only a decor gift, but a beautiful work of art. 360-degree glittering beauty.
  • Sphere-shaped Glass Ball fit perfectly in your hands, making them great for meditation. Perfect for Feng Shui simply for home decor. Experience the magic and natural beauty of natural crystals in your home.
  • Spheres send energy in all directions. They help to facilitate smooth communication in group settings. Crystal balls are popular for scrying and visual meditation, allowing you to gaze into the past, present, and future.
More Details:
- Size for glass ball is approximately 1.2"(30mm)
- Package Dimensions: 10.3cm*10cm*4.4cm
- Weight: 55grams
- Package Includes: 1x lampwork glass ball, 1x gift box