Jovivi 6mm Natural Gemstones Bracelet Tibetan Meditation Buddha Bracelet Necklace

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The 81 Mala Prayer Beads Yoga Charm Bracelet Necklace made by amethyst and rose quartz, which has a powerful energy. 

  • Natural Rose Quartz Wrap Around 81 Mala Prayer Beads Tibetan Buddhist Rosary Jewelry - With Durable Elastic Cord, it can be used as a necklace or a wrap bracelet. Wonderful Gift for Birthday, Christmas, or and other occasions.
  • Yoga Bracelet necklace: Wearing this yoga bracelet helps you achieve good understanding and regulation of one's own mind. One can be familiar with and master the physical senses. Control of the body is achieved by combining the senses, the body, and conscious breathing. And bring you the crystal healing energy.
  • 81 beads: A symbol of the removal of 81 kinds of trouble. In traditional Buddhist thought, people are said to have 81 afflictions or kleshas. There are 6 senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and consciousness) multiplied by 3 reactions (positive, negative, or indifference) makes 18 "feelings."
  • Rose quartz: is the love stone! Adds positive love energy to relationships. Compassion and forgiveness. Calming helps to balance the upper four chakras and eases sexual/emotional imbalances.

More Details:
- Material: Amethyst / Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz & Alloy
- Crystal Beads Dial: 6mm
- Yoga Charm: 16*18mm
- Total Length: 22'' (about 11 inches Length in 2 Loops, 7 inches Length in 3 Loops).
- Package Includes: bracelet(s), and 1 gift box