Jovivi 7 Chakra Healing Crystals Set 18pcs Kit Crystal Point Reiki Meditation Set

Brand: Jovivi

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  • We travel to the source to carefully hand-select each crystal for its beauty and metaphysical qualities, ensuring that you are receiving the best stones available. When you are finished using the grid, you can return the stones to the earth or any natural water source, or keep them for another use later. Be sure to cleanse the stones before using them again.
  • Crystal healing - Ideal for use by vibrational healers, reiki therapists, and other energy workers. Ability to create a casual reality with others with a focused consciousness, effective in receiving information, or create spaces of thought. Hold in your hand during meditation, stand on your desk while you work during the day or by your bedside at night to benefit from it's healing energy.
  • The perfect gift for beginners or practitioners wanting to balance their Chakras, collect crystals, or just set up a beautiful relaxing space! It's a perfect gift for yourself and your family, friends.

* Please note: Since each crystal is struck from a different stone expect some slight color variations between each piece. 

Package includes 1pc clear quartz pendulum, 1pc amethyst cluster, 1pc rose quartz cluster, 1pc clear crystal quartz point wand, 7 Chakra rough stones, 7 Chakra tumbled stones